Continuous Thread Assorted

Choosing the right closure is essential to creating functional, attractive packaging that works for your end use. Vivid Packaging can help you evaluate our wide variety of closure options and help you make the decision that's right for your package. No matter the color, style, size or functionality required for your product, we have the closure you're looking for.


Model Item Description Type+ Size Color Neck Finish Material Sample
 VRXAAC-12  ACC-1  Assorted  20-410  White  20-410  Polypropylene 
 VRXAAC-11  ACC-1  Assorted  28-410  White  28-410  Polypropylene 
 VRXAAC-13  ACC-1  Assorted  24-410  White  24-410  Polypropylene 
 VRXDOT3  DOT  Assorted  63-445  White  63mm-445 DSC  Polypropylene 
 VRXDOT2  DOT  Assorted  63mm  White  63mm DCT  Polypropylene 
 VRXDOT1  DOT  Assorted  63mm  White  63mm DCT-TI  Polypropylene 
 VRXNBO2  NBO  Assorted  28mm  Yellow  28mm NBO  Polypropylene 
 VRXNBO1  NBO  Assorted  38mm  White  38mm NBO  Polypropylene 
 VRXPOWDERSIFTER2  Powder Sifter  Assorted  33mm    33mm  Polypropylene 
 VRXPOWDERSIFTER1  Powder Sifter  Assorted  43mm    43mm  Polypropylene 
 VRXPUSHNPULL2  Push N Pull  Assorted  28-400    28-400  Polypropylene 
 VRXPUSHNPULL1  Push N Pull  Assorted  33-400    33-400  Polypropylene 
 VRXTEARTIP  Tear-Tip  Assorted  24mm    24mm  Polypropylene 
 VRXTILTTOP  Tilt-Top  Assorted  24-410    24-410  Polypropylene 
 VRXTWISTTOP  Twist-Top  Assorted  38-400    38-400 Twist  Polypropylene 
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